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After more than 24 month of contacting legislators, sending postcards, rallying in Trenton, attending meetings, making phone calls, sending faxes, writing emails and mailing postcards, the Chapter 78 relief and two Job Justice bills have become LAW!!  Thank you for all your dedication and hard work in seeing these items to fruition.  For more information on the Subcontracting Law, click here

The Chapter 78 relief bill will now be known as Chapter 44.  Employees can switch to the new NJ Educators Plan and their contribution toward health care will be based on their salary instead of the premium.  IMPORTANT:  Open enrollment begins next month in many districts. YOU MUST contact your local’s business office if you wish to STAY in your current plan or if you wish to “opt-out” of benefits. If you do not, you will automatically be put into the new plan.  Members hired from September 1 onward are automatically put into the new plan.

Click here for more information on Chapter 44.