Member letter/email to send to legislators –

I am a proud public school employee and I work every day to educate and protect our students in a healthy and safe environment.  I didn’t enter my profession thinking that I would make a lot of money, but I have always felt financially secure knowing that my pension, which is deferred compensation, would be there for me when I retire.  But, the Governor’s refusal to pay into the pension fund leaves my future financial security in doubt.

I have faithfully paid my share into the pension fund.  The State must make its payments.  If it does not, we will face an even greater economic crisis in New Jersey when our retired public employees are left with no retirement savings.

Please do the right thing and support a 5/7th payment into the FY 2016 Budget.  My colleagues, our families and our students are counting on you to follow the law.

Thank you

comp girl

Family/friend letter to send/email to legislators –

As a New Jersey resident, voter and taxpayer, I call on the Legislature to live up to the promises it has made and fund the state’s pension systems.

The public employees I know have always paid their share, and they have earned the pensions they’ve been promised. But the failure of many governors and legislatures to do their part has put the pension systems into crisis.  Every day you fail to act, the crisis grows deeper and the cost for taxpayers like me gets higher.

It’s time to act responsibly and start paying what we owe.  Don’t let another year slip away.  Please vote to include the full required pension payment in this year’s budget, and please vote to override Gov. Christie if he once again ducks his responsibility by vetoing full funding.

Public employees are counting on you, and so is New Jersey.

Thank you.